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UPT Family,


First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank each of you for your valuable contributions to United Petroleum Transports.  Because of YOU and your hard work and commitment to our company, we have remained a successful and proven leader in each of the markets we serve.  As a valued associate, your safety, sense of purpose, and loyalty to our company are critical to our continued success.


To demonstrate how much we value each of you, and to reward your continued performance in the coming years, we are pleased to announce ‘Seamless Rewards’, our new safety and performance incentive program. While this new program replaces each of our separate and outdated ‘years of service’, ‘$afety= $uccess’, and ‘gotcha doing good’ programs, it still retains the best elements from each program in addition to much more!


Thank you again for your hard work and dedication to UPT.  I’m excited to finally have a way to reward you for the many things you do which continue the legacy of my grandfather, L. Keith Price. We hope you will appreciate and take advantage of 'Seamless Rewards' - the points are out there just for you!  You've earned them.  I look forward to working with you toward a mutually successful and REWARDING future.


David Price